Comic Heroes…

Imagine FX interviewed illustrator Marko Djurdjevic, I got to design the feature.

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When I laid out this feature I’d never heard of Marko Djurdjevic. I was working in a freelance capacity within Future. As any magazine freelancer knows, you turn up to see the editorial team, they tell you what they want, give you text and files and then you get to do your stuff!

The first image that grabbed my attention was the main image that I used. Usually I go on gut instinct and this was such a dramatic shot (featuring Marvel Heroes Wolverine and Blade) that I just had to use it. I treated the rest of the feature – as I always do – like a jigsaw puzzle. Trying to balance imagery, boxouts, colour and text.

Marko is now one of my favourite artists. His work jumps from the page and his website/portfolio can be found here. You can also read the entire interview on the Imagine FX website here.

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