Heroes and legends…

How do you honour a childhood favourite in only four pages?

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Every now and then – if you’re very lucky – you’ll get to layout pages featuring the work of a childhood hero. I was lucky in 2007 – I got to layout a feature for Imagine FX magazine, that showcased the work of Bob Eggleton. Bob isn’t a household name by any means, but I fell in love with his illustrations for Brian Lumley’s successful Necroscope series of novels. He has since gone on to work on concepts for the animated movie The Ant Bully, private commissions, self commissioned work and illustrated books.

I was given many samples of Bob’s work and plan for the feature including a portrait and boxout with imagery. The only downside to being asked to layout this feature was that I only had four pages available. This meant I’d have to cut down the artwork in order get the interview in.

Using the Imagine FX template, I elected to use a lovely Necroscope illustration featuring Brain Lumley’s dreaded Whampyri on the opening spread. These are very imposing characters and I thought that this would inspire the reader to read on. The rest of the feature consisted of the small step-by-step boxout and some different genre work.

Obviously, this could have been a massive sprawling epic with loads of imagery, but in hindsight, I think that the constraints helped tighten up the pages. Still it would have been nice to get a little more of those Necroscope vamps in don’t you think?

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