Body talk…

The 2015 ESPN magazine Body Issue is on sale and Marvel’s mightiest flex their muscles alongside sporting heroes

imageThe Body Issue is a celebration of sporting heroes and the effects that years of hard work and dedication have on the human body.

There are six regular covers (showcasing different athletic body types and sports) and a special Super Heroes edition insert. This Marvel Insert compares the different physiques of some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes and are illustrated by the likes of Frank Cho and Jim Cheung.

The Body Issue’s are full of inspirational photography (without showing any ‘naughty’ bits) and there are multiple covers – showing today’s sporting superstars. You can view the 2015 (and previous year’s) covers here. My favourite from the 2015 series is a body-positive effort featuring the beautiful and powerful US Hammer Olympian Amanda Bingson.






Empire of the Ant-man…

The UKs best-selling entertainment magazine gets a refresh


Simple effective design and drop cap
Loads to look at
Loads to look at

Empire has always been one of my favourite magazines to read and I am a long-time subscriber. I enjoy the magazine’s editorial consistency and mix of features and reviews. The design has always been – outside of stunning features – either rather plain or bonkers (random colour slabs behind review copy anyone?). The July 2015 issue is however, rather beautiful…

The two review sections – In Cinemas and Review – have a lovely new grid system that allows plenty of white space (without feeling empty). I love the big splash images and the delicate greyscale drop-caps. I also think the ‘like this, watch this’ box outs help break up the page well. Alongside the reviews are fantastic catch-up viewing guides, tables and more.


The whole issue is linked via a delightful set of arrows that flow throughout – pointing to important information, tidbits and images – encouraging the reader to examine even the smallest details.

The colour palette is quite muted using greys and creams alongside blues and greens but don’t let that put you off – it really lets the images and movie features stand out.

There is some weird pacing in places. I don’t personally like features that start on a single page and the Magic Mike XXL feature is a little lost because of this but, I’ve worked in magazines long enough to know this was probably due to advertising constraints.

All in all this is a very solid start and I can’t wait for the next issue to drop through the letterbox.

Ant-man teaser arrives…

Entertainment Weekly’s magnificent magnifying cover really hits the spot

1346-ANTMAN-cover-EWYou can’t move for Marvel movies these days. Following on from the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers et al comes Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

I’ve never been a big fan of the character  – as I prefer my heroes to be very big, very strong, angry and green (you know who I’m talking about) – but I think you have to applaud Marvel for making movies based on less well known characters. Check out this stunning infographic to see if your favourite is heading to the big screen.

Ant-Man may have been a movie with issues (Edgar Wright leaving halfway through production etc etc) but I think the trailer looks half decent. It is only a teaser but there is something about it that gets my juices flowing.

I also love the superb cover photography from Entertainment Weekly’s January issue. It’s quirky but does a good job of promoting the movie in a visual way. I guess Paul Rudd should count his blessings that the sun wasn’t bright that day or else he’d be a bit crispy.

Ant-Man is released on Friday 17 July 2015.

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What is light without dark?

Top Cow’s The Darkness arrives on the Madefire Motion Book platform…


The Darkness, one of the best comic books of the last two decades, was launched yesterday on the Madefire Motion Book platform. The Darkness tells the tale of Jackie Estacado (a Mafia hitman) who on his 21st birthday, became the bearer of the Darkness! This ancient elemental force allows those who wield it to access an otherworldly dimension and have control over the demons who dwell there. As you can imagine, this macabre character from creators Marc SilvestriGarth Ennis, and David Wohl, is a perfect match for the dynamic Motion Book platform.

“Madefire really brings comic “motion” books alive in a way no one else has yet to master,” says Matt Hawkins, President of Top Cow. “The Darkness is alive in a way we’ve not been witness to since the release of the last video game.”

CCO and Co-Founder of Madefire Liam Sharp stated: “The Darkness is one of the seminal books to emerge from the Image revolution of the 90s, and it’s as powerful today as it was back then. Add sound, motion – the element of surprise! – and you have a title ideally suited to the Motion Book format! Lock all the doors, close the windows, and settle down for a chilling night-time read…”

A Motion Book is the perfect bedfellow for any classic character and this year has seen launches including Hellboy, Batman, Transformers, Star Trek and even My Little Pony. You can discover more of these excellent titles from Madefire at and you can read/download The Darkness Motion Book and more on your iPad via the Madefire app and on your desktop via deviantART.


Empire magazine takes an affectionate look back at a cinematic legend – Jurassic Park.


I know I’ve already posted regarding the latest issue of Empire but, having just flicked through my subscriber copy, I just had to share this.

Jurassic Park is one of my all-time-favourite films and is about to get a 20th Anniversary 3D re-release. Empire have put together an incredible feature that remembers the making of the film, interviewing cast members and crew. It’s split into individual dinosaur sections (with wonderful illustrative graphics) and looks towards the future of the franchise and affectionately pokes fun at the original flicks inconsistencies.

If you’re not a fan of the original then this isn’t going to do anything for you but if you are a fan (and like me you still can’t believe the movie was made 20 years ago) then it’s a must read. You can order and find out more here.