What is light without dark?

Top Cow’s The Darkness arrives on the Madefire Motion Book platform…


The Darkness, one of the best comic books of the last two decades, was launched yesterday on the Madefire Motion Book platform. The Darkness tells the tale of Jackie Estacado (a Mafia hitman) who on his 21st birthday, became the bearer of the Darkness! This ancient elemental force allows those who wield it to access an otherworldly dimension and have control over the demons who dwell there. As you can imagine, this macabre character from creators Marc SilvestriGarth Ennis, and David Wohl, is a perfect match for the dynamic Motion Book platform.

“Madefire really brings comic “motion” books alive in a way no one else has yet to master,” says Matt Hawkins, President of Top Cow. “The Darkness is alive in a way we’ve not been witness to since the release of the last video game.”

CCO and Co-Founder of Madefire Liam Sharp stated: “The Darkness is one of the seminal books to emerge from the Image revolution of the 90s, and it’s as powerful today as it was back then. Add sound, motion – the element of surprise! – and you have a title ideally suited to the Motion Book format! Lock all the doors, close the windows, and settle down for a chilling night-time read…”

A Motion Book is the perfect bedfellow for any classic character and this year has seen launches including Hellboy, Batman, Transformers, Star Trek and even My Little Pony. You can discover more of these excellent titles from Madefire at www.madefire.com and you can read/download The Darkness Motion Book and more on your iPad via the Madefire app and on your desktop via deviantART.


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