One year of love…

A quick look back at 12 months of Your Family Tree magazine covers.


This week I received an email in the office asking for Your Family Tree’s logo and one cover example from the past year (issues 112 –124). The guys in the office needed them to be sent to the Audited Bureau of Circulations or ABC. This is an official reader count for the past year and a bit like TV viewing figures. Advertising is sold on the back of these reader numbers and it’s also a good guide to how well our readers are responding to changes throughout the magazine. But which cover to choose?

Now, It’s not often you look back at one year of work. You might compare the last two or three but rarely would you look back over all thirteen issues! What surprised me was how colourful Your Family Tree’s covers have become over the last year. Where we started off using a muted colour palette and lots of white we now have a bright and breezy coloured border and bright colour palette. This was decided from issue 118 onwards but I hadn’t seen them all together until now. When they’re all together like this, it’s fun to see which jump out from the pack.

For me it was the yellow covers of YFT120 and YFT123. In the end though, I chose YFT124 to go onto our ABC report. The birth, marriages and deaths subject with cute mother and baby sold it for me. Did I make the right choice?


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