Baby Love…

Encouraging people to start their family tree.

YFT124coverwebWell Christmas is almost upon us and it’s at this time of year most people start researching their family line. This could be to do with seeing so many relatives, seeing nostalgic repeats on the TV or hearing those christmas tunes of years gone by on the radio – who knows? All we know is that there is an upswing in ‘newbies’.

As a monthly magazine we try and cater for those starting out with the last and first issues of the year – but the question is always how to do it? Well we obviously cater the words towards certain phrases but we always try to pick the right topic. With Your Family Tree 124 we focused on the records we all have. These are births, deaths and marriage records (BMDs for short). I wanted to avoid making the issue ‘christmassy’ and I knew I also wanted to avoid showing the records themselves. I decided that I’d create a ‘living room’ feel with wallpaper, a mantlepiece and have nostalgic photos on and around it.

I found the ‘mother and child’ photograph on the iStock photo library and instantly fell in love with the babies face and I hope the readers of YFT124 will as well. YFT124 is on sale from 4 December 2012.


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