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Celebrate fashion for the fuller-figured lady with Volup2 magazine.

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This magazine was found completely by accident this weekend. My beautiful wife was having trouble finding a correctly fitting bra (high street stores really don’t cater for big busts) and we were looking at fashion blogs for the curvy lady.

We were enjoying reading through the excellent CurvyWordy – which was a great help and we heartily recommend you visit if you are a voluptuous woman) – and we soon clicked though to the Fullerfigurefullerbust.com blog by Georgina Horne. Georgina sometimes models for the magazine and her site had a link to Volup2.

Volup2 is the first Parisian fashion magazine aimed at the supersize-plus model and it wishes to ‘encourage readers to revel in their every “imperfection” and celebrate their bodies in their glorious entirety’. It is designed, published and photographed almost entirely by the very talented Velvet d’Amour.

Whilst the subject might not be to every one’s tastes (although personally it is nice to see a fashion magazine without anorexic models) there is no denying the photographic skill of Ms. d’Amour. Panels are large, bright and bursting with colour. There are also some very interesting angles in the photographs.

There have been three inspirational issues so far (Femininity, Zest and Ecstasy) and all are available for download. You can read the ‘féminité • femininity’ May 2012 issue right here.


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