He’s Back…

November’s Empire magazine showcases the career of Arnie, the original action hero!

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I am an avid subscriber to Empire magazine. I love the design and the in-depth articles and features. It’s constantly tweaked and often has a different way of looking at movieland. It’s less gimmicky than it’s main rival Total Film – which I also enjoy from time to time but to which I’ve never felt inclined to subscribe. Empire just reports on movies and does it very well!

I was particularly delighted when the latest issue dropped through my letterbox. Upon opening the package I was confronted by the world’s greatest ever action hero in monochromatic glory. Weirdly he’s not looking at the reader but this adds to the mystique. Arise for Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Upon browsing the contents and skipping straight to page 66, I was then treated to thirty five pages of machismo. There is the exclusive ‘He’s Back‘ interview, during which Arnie discusses his career, upcoming movies and plugs his new autobiography. This in itself would beenough for most movie-mags but Empire love to go the extra mile. There is a gorgeous ‘Weapon’s of Choice‘ infographic, detailing the accessories Arnie’s character’s have used in his movies. Followed by a fun dissection of Predator which offers a graphical step-by-step look at the classic jungle trek. ‘Bullet timed‘ is a second-by-second guide to Commando from the talented guys who made it and finally the issue is rounded off with my favourite feature – ‘Arnie Killed Me!’ This is another step-by-step chat with cast members who’ve be terminated by the man himself. Phew!

This is a great edition of my favourite magazine. If you don’t like Arnie then you’ll probably feel a bit short changed but there are all the usual superb news, reviews, features and more. Check it out!


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