Strange Little Girl…

The evolution of a superb case study illustration.

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I’ve posted examples of Garry Walton’s case study illustrations on this blog before. They are always very emotive and give a perfect snapshot of the corresponding feature. This haunting image will be published in issue 122 of Your Family Tree magazine (on sale from 9 October) and illustrates the tragic childhood of a reader’s grandmother.

Following the death of her mother and father, Hettie was left – at the tender age of 11 – to fend for herself (along with her other four siblings). Eventually she was sent to an orphanage as part of the new National Children’s Home initiative.

Garry and I were given a small amount of physical information and decided that it must have been a very frightening and daunting experience, for someone so young, to arrive at the Children’s Home. We decided that we’d like the orphanage to feature heavily in the image and that it should be dark and imposing.

Garry sketched out his idea and then after a few (minor) tweaks set about colouring the finished article. You can see this step-by-step metamorphosis in the slide show above.

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