Mine’s a pint…

Social history features are a chance to have fun and often leap out from the magazine.

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Your Family Tree is a magazine with a slightly older readership. Therefore it is predominantly designed around a white page style with a grid layout and limited colour palette.

Our social history features are designed to break this up. They are deliberately placed in the second half of the magazine (just before a run of review pages and after a step-by-step help section) and we want people to stop and have to read them. Feature 2s (as we call them) are generally not based on a ‘how to find’ your ancestry but more of a ‘how they used to live’ or ‘what was it like?’ feel. This means we get to use more emotive photography and an opportunity to change colours and the like.

This is one of my favourites from last year. A lot of people from working class backgrounds have parents and grandparents who would have relaxed at a social club after work or in the evening – maybe it was a club put on by the employer, or it could be a political membership or a services one just like the ‘Royal British Legion‘. The club I visited had a fun pub-like atmosphere and I tried to emulate this with the pub sign and chalky font with black and white colouring. The remaining pages resumed the paler colouring as YFT readers have expressed difficulty in reading white text out of black for long runs.

All this talk of clubs and pubs had made me thirsty. I could murder for a pint of the black stuff – now where’s my coat?

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