Genealogy for FREE…

Your Family Tree 121 shows you the best ways to save your hard earned cash.

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When you’ve been on a magazine for a long time, you find that certain subjects are an annual fixture. Saving money is certainly one of these. Every year we bring readers the lastest hints and tips for saving money.

I try not to go with the obvious piles of cash. I think that – while this is often the best way to go with other magazines – it cheapens the YFT brand. I also try to pick an image/photograph that will work as an opener for the corresponding feature. I chose the golden frame and beautiful portrait as it reinforces the money theme without splashing cash.

This issue has an added complication of losing half the cover, due to there being an added A5 supplement. It was decided to go with the wording FREE to just ram home to the reader that they’ll get bonus content for nothing. It appears three times on the cover and hopefully will do the job.

As the supplement hides so much of the cover I wanted to create something that draws the eye. I specifically decided to create a photographic montage that looks a little bit like a Monty Python animation skit. It’s instantly familiar and the different sized faces grab your attention.

Our main secondary feature is a nostalgic look at British steam railways and workers. I fell in love with the opening Getty image, with it’s grainy, black and white style and almost mournful looking chap and his waxed Terry Thomas moustache. It depicts a mechanic in the last days of steam (c1944) and really leaps out of the page. Anyone who’s ancestors worked during these troubled times will instantly remember what it was like.

YFT121 is on sale now via all good newsagents.

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