Freebies and goodies…

Keeping supplementary material ‘on-brand’ is harder than it looks.

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Modern magazines give away a huge swathe of freebies to entice the casual reader. The dilemma is always the same – what to give away and what should it look like?

The truthful answer is that this is entirely down to what your reader likes. On Your Family Tree magazine, we like to think that the readers and magazine team are part of one big family. Since I’ve been art editor, there has been a concerted effort to make each free gift look like it belongs to this family – but it on the proviso it stands on it’s own feet. The difficulty of keeping the look ‘on-brand’ (apologies for office speak), comes from the many different types of gift that are available.

On Your Family Tree we have given away helpful paperback books, A5 colour supplements, full colour calendars, bookmarks and much more besides. The ‘family’ feel is achieved through the use of similar textures and fonts (plus the YFT logo), while independence is accomplished through careful image choice and colour.

These goodies are always well received and I think these examples look like they belong together – don’t you?

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