Madefire motion books unleashed…

Why Madefire’s titles are so much more than just comics!

Comic powerhouse Liam Sharp – formerly of Marvel and 2000AD – has unveiled the next generation of comic books through his new company Madefire.These aren’t just page turning pdfs like those put out by industry giants at Marvel and DC, but much more individual, almost movie-like mini masterpieces. Each motion book has not only fantastic artwork, but panoramic panels, amazing typography, atmospheric sound effects and cool musical scores.

By surrounding himself with some of the very best industry talent, Liam has changed the medium forever.  There are fantastic writers and illustrators on board – Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and Brian Bolland (Judge Dredd/Batman) to name but two – plus a whole swathe of extra added talent, such as Box Of Toys Audio who provide some of the company’s excellent soundscapes.

Available primarily on the iPad, these books are already an essential purchase. The first few exciting titles are free and my personal favourites are Mono (an ape-human-hybrid secret agent and Queen’s assassin) and Treatment: San Diego, which takes reality TV to a whole new level!

Visit the Madefire blog today and read an exclusive interview with Ali Powers who provides the soundtracks to these amazing books! Miss them at your peril…


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